What comes after New England Aqua Ventus I?


NEAV I is designed to meet the objectives of the Ocean Energy Act and Maine legislation to yield tangible economic benefits for Maine, and to lead to even larger-scale, more cost-effective offshore wind developments in Maine and markets worldwide. Successful demonstration of the technology has the potential to lead to a 500 MW-scale project placed in U.S. federal waters.

Maine Aqua Ventus is committed to:

  • Frequent and transparent outreach with communities and existing marine users
  • A two-turbine demonstration project within the University of Maine Deepwater Offshore Wind Test Site at Monhegan Island for evaluating technology, monitoring the environment, and developing best practices for coexistence with marine users
  • An emphasis on local economic development opportunities
  • Future use of UMaine’s VolturnUS floating technology only in commercial projects located more than 10 miles from Monhegan, other inhabited Maine islands, and the mainland coast.

To download a printable copy of this commitment, visit this link.