How was the project’s location chosen?


In 2009, the Maine Department of Conservation (DOC) designated the site off Mohegan Island as one of three Wind Energy Test Areas off the Maine coast.

These sites were chosen through extensive analysis and outreach efforts by State officials, with input from local/federal officials, fishermen, and residents, to examine the Maine coast for the best possible test site with least amount of impact.

As part of this process, a community forum was held on Monhegan Island to discuss issues related to the identifying a wind energy demonstration area off of Monhegan. During this forum, fishermen were asked to engage in a mapping exercise to rank blocks within the planning area to understand if and where a wind energy demonstration project could be located in waters near to the Island. Several Monhegan fishermen submitted their rankings to the State Planning Office as part of this outreach process.

As a result of this outreach process, the DOC also designated Mohegan as the UMaine Deepwater Offshore Wind Test Site to support UMaine’s ongoing research and development efforts.

Since 2009, UMaine has continued its outreach with Mohegan and Midcoast Maine and other potentially affected industry and environmental stakeholders. With dozens of meetings, presentations, video conferences, and telephone conferences, as well as more than two years of weekly or monthly calls with the Monhegan Energy Task Force (METF) since its inception, UMaine has demonstrated its ongoing commitment to the island’s concerns.

In July 2016, Monhegan Island voted for the Monhegan Plantation to engage in negotiations with Maine Aqua Ventus on a community benefit package, a significant milestone and a requirement of the project’s power purchase contract term sheet with the Maine Public Utilities Commission.