What documentation is submitted to acquire a permit to use the test site off Monhegan Island?

Per LD 1465, an applicant for a general permit must file an application with the State of Maine Department of Environmental Protection that contains:

  1. Written certification that the offshore wind energy demonstration project will be located within the test site
  2. A site plan that includes several elements (See LD 1465, Section 3B)
  3. A report prepared in consultation with the Department of Marine Resources including several specific requirements (See LD 1465, Section 3C)
  4. Acknowledgment that the Maine DEP may require applicant to take remedial action at the applicant’s expense
  5. A Fish and Wildlife Monitoring Plan that includes provisions for conducting monitoring throughout the term of the permit (See LD 1465, Section 3E)
  6. Navigation and Safety Plan to protect the public and project facilities (See LD 1465, Section 3F)
  7. Project Removal Plan for removal of the project within 60 days of termination of a general permit (See LD 1465, Section 3G)
  8. Documentation that each item (5 through 7) was created in consultation with several federal and state agencies, including Maine Department of Marine Resources, Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Coast Guard, and others (See LD 1465, Section 3H)
  9. Proof of Insurance
  10. Proof of Financial and Technical Capacity to construct and operate the project as proposed
  11. Proof that no applicant has ownership holds or has applied for another permit under this legislation
  12. Proof of Cooperation with the University of Maine System