What are the assurances that there will not be additional turbines added to the project off Monhegan?


We are committed to a two-turbine demonstration project within the University of Maine Deepwater Offshore Wind Test Site at Monhegan Island for evaluating technology, monitoring the environment, and developing best practices for coexistence with marine users.

MAV is installing a cable sized to meet the two 6 MW turbines.

Test site usage is limited by state law LD 1465 to a maximum of 2 wind turbines, 3 meteorological towers per wind turbine, one submerged utility line with up to 25 MW capacity, up to 2 wave energy converters, and an ocean sensor package. More information about this law and the permitting process for the test site can be accessed at: https://umaine.edu/offshorewindtestsite/using-test-site/.

In the Monhegan Community Benefit Agreement, approved by Monhegan voters on November 2, 2017, MAV has committed to build no commercial projects within 15 miles of Monhegan. In addition, the University of Maine has agreed to not allow the use of UMaine’s VolturnUS floating technology within 15 miles from Monhegan, or allow the use of the technology within 10 miles of other inhabited Maine islands, and the mainland coast. UMaine published this commitment in early 2017.