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Information Posted from St. George Electrical Engineering Overview

A St. George-specific overview has been published on The overview details necessarily infrastructure upgrades to accomodate a 5.5″ diameter subsea cable coming to shore in Port Clyde and connecting with the Central Maine Power grid. A transformer, a shipping container-sized STATCOM, and upgraded utility lines are needed to land a subsea cable in St. George and connect to the Central Maine Power grid. A subsea cable landing site has not been finalized.

Based on community feedback, MAV’s priorities are to: minimize impact to Port Clyde village, minimize additional clutter on poles, and bury cables where we can.

The transformer is similar in size and appearance to the existing transformer at intersection of Route 131 and 73; little or no sound is expected from the transformer as it does not serve electrical load and only serves as a ground for the subsea cable. The STATCOM is roughly shipping container-sized; there may be sound from cooling fans on the STATCOM, but they are very unlikely to be heard from the edge of its approximately 80′ x 80′ footprint. The upgraded utility lines will look similar in height and appearance to utility poles already in place north of the Route 73/Route 131 intersection and Route 1.

Click here to view the St. George overview.